Agency Adoptions

Adoption agencies were the typical route our parents’ generation used when they considered adopting a child. Although they were professional organizations, some were thought of as cold and impersonal.

Modern agencies like ours have grown with the times. It is no longer just handing you a baby out of foster care. Many agencies will show your profile to women with whom they are helping. You may have the opportunity to meet the birth mother and get to know her during your pregnancy. Or, you have the option of having the process confidential as in the past.

Types of Agencies
A Licensed Adoption Agency is a private organization licensed by the State to place children in foster care and adoption. These organizations normally work with pregnant woman and almost always place newborn children.

Public agencies are the local county or city Department of Social Services. These are run by the government and the children usually come to the agency through the court’s abuse and neglect system. The children are usually older and siblings are often placed together. There is usually little or no cost involved with these adoptions and often a subsidy consisting of monthly monetary payments may be available.

Attorney’s Role
The attorney may play one or more of the following roles in your agency adoption:

First, the attorney can assist you in exploring your options and advise you on selecting a reputable agency. The attorney can then review agreements and funding on your behalf. The attorney can also provide practical advice from preparing materials to dealing with a birth mother.

Second, if the child is coming from another state, your attorney can make sure all the required materials are prepared and included in the packet filed with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children office. Your attorney’s goal is to obtain permission for you to come with the baby as soon as possible.

Third, the attorney will handle the legal process through the court. Most Virginia cases are filed when the child has been in your home at least six months and the adoption agency has visited you at least three times. The process then takes about four months to complete.

Fourth, is finishing the adoption process. This can include obtaining a new birth certificate reflecting the child’s new name with your names as the parents. If the child came from another state, then closing out the case with the appropriate Interstate Compact offices.

Why choose us?
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